Step Up


We're building an ARMY, not an Audience...

Everyone has a gift that can be used for the glory of God from working with the children, security, and being a smiling face someone sees when they reach our doors.

Children's Ministry

Mold young minds for Christ. Do you have a love for children and the youth? Create impact by stepping up in the Children's ministry.


Be a watchful eye and attentive ears while the congregation and children learn about the love of God. 

Handy Help

Are you good with tools, carpentry, painting, fixing things, etc? If so, this is your place!


Do you like the arts? You don't have to be Shakespeare you need to love Jesus and be ready to have fun!


Do you have a love or a knack for social media, taking pictures, interacting online with others, operating cameras, etc. You certainly belong here!

Praise & Worship

You love Jesus and can carry a tune! You desire to enter others into the presence of God. You belong here!


Do you have the heart to fuel with food? Can you bring your family's favorite dish one Sunday? Yes, this is your jam!


Do you love welcoming people into the house of the Lord or helping in the sanctuary? This is where you belong!

Questions about volunteering?

 Please reach out if you still have questions.