the king's men

Every  4th Saturday,  9-11am! 

"Be a Man, Be a Saint"

Our Mission:

Our mission is to inspire men to holiness. We re a community of men like you, striving to life for Christ by serving our families, neighbors, and the Church. We believe that holiness is for men. It is the ultimate challenge, the greatest pursuit, and the most rewarding attainment.

What You'll Find:
  • Every gathering and every post from The King's Men is prayerfully written and designed to strengthen and encourage real men just like you to lead holy and fulfilling lives.
  • Post about manly saints, dressing sharp, marriage, spiritual warfare

Our Motto:

Our Motto is "Be a Man, Be a Saint." Following Christ isn't for the faint f heart. Real men are called to change their live, leave mediocrity behind, and to strive for greatness. True manliness is not about assuming a passive ro subservient role in social and professional situations. True manliness is about having the courage to set things right and it all begins with changing your life. The King's Men.

How to Maximize Manhood

Edwin Louis Cole is known as “the father of the Christian men’s movement,” was not afraid to tackle the tough topics that affect men today. His straightforward, biblical insights help men and women alike to realize their full potential in Christ.





SERMON- 11:00