The King's Men

Every 4th Saturday @ 9AM

Who are the King's Men:

We are fathers, sons, brothers, and friends united in our commitment to walk the path of faith with strength, integrity, and grace. Together, we strive to be the men God has called us to be, impacting our families, communities, and workplaces with the love and truth of Christ.

What to Expect

-Inspirational Messages: Gain wisdom and insights from powerful messages that speak to the heart of men's journeys in faith.
Genuine Connection: Forge meaningful connections with fellow brothers who share the same journey of faith and life experiences.
- Prayer and Worship: Lift your spirits in collective prayer and worship, creating an atmosphere of divine connection.
- Purposeful Discussions: Engage in discussions that explore the challenges and victories faced by men in today's world, grounded in biblical principles.

What You'll Find: 

Every gathering and every post from The King's Men is prayerfully written and designed to strengthen and encourage real men just like you to lead holy and fulfilling lives
Post about manly saints, dressing sharp, marriage, spiritual warfare


Prepare yourselves for an enriching time of fellowship, brotherhood, and spiritual empowerment. The King's Men is more than just a ministry; it is a brotherhood that seeks to uplift, support, and inspire each other to live out our calling as men of God.

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SERMON- 11:00