Divine Global Partnerships

Rick Renner

Rick Renner has served as an Apostolic powerhouse in the former Soviet Union for over 25 years. This ministry feeds the homeless, feeds the poor, and reaches hundreds of thousand each month my letters and books. Millions have come to Christ in many nations of the world through Rick and his team and RLC is honer to be a part. 

Tallat Mohamed

Pastor Jimmy calles Tallat the most authentic evangelist he has ever met. Their relationship is more hat a quarter century young. Tallat goes where God tells him without any natural support structure and witnesses amazing miracles as he calls hundreds of thousands to salvation in Christ.

Local Partnerships

Serenity Place

Serenity Place is a residential treatment center for pregnant women, young mothers, and their preschool-age children. Each year, about 120 mother and children find hope, healing, and transformation in the program, with each family living on-site for about six months. Up to 48 women are in treatment at Serenity Place at any given time.

Taylors Free Medical

Taylors Free Medical Clinic is a faith based clinic whose mission is to minister to the mind, body, and spirit of the medically indigent and uninsured of Greenville County. While we strive to show Christ's love through our daily interactions, non of the clinic's services are contingent upon our patients affirming or adhering to our Christian statement of faith.