Life Track

Classes will resume in 2024!

What is Life Track?

Life Track is a 2 week class for members and nonmembers. Members, take a peak behind the curtain and see the heart of our pastors. View where they are coming from and take a glimpse of where they want to take us while pointing us to our God-given purpose. Non-members, uncover the mission of our pastors and become an integral part of Real Life Church's body of believers by operating in your gifting and calling.
New Member Classes will resume in early 2024!

Class Breakdown!

Now, only 2 Sundays!

Class One

DISCOVER THE VISION & LIVING FOR A GREATER CAUSE shares a bit of history about our Pastors and their heart and vision for their Real Life Church family.

Class 2

DISCOVERING CHURCH MEMBERSHIP & FULFILLING THE COMMISSION @ RLC helps individuals to discover their personality types and Spiritual Gifts which will guide them when choosing how they will serve within the RLC community.

Meet Your Teachers!

Eric and Lisa Williams

Eric and Lisa Williams are married with 2 children Jonathan and Erin, and 1 grandchild, Bradley. Eric is a coater technician at GE Vernon while Lisa is a homemaker. They have served in ministry together over the last 20+ years in various capacities. They especially enjoy teaching others the biblical principles of living the Christian life.

Kristen and Shawn Duffin

Kristen and Shawn Duffin are an integral part of the Life Track team.