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Sunday Morning @ 10:30 AM
Sunday Prayer @ 6:00 PM
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God can indeed work with imperfect people and imperfect vehicles. In spite of the non-Biblical elements taken from Jewish and other sources, it is still driving people to explore the real story in the pages of the Bible. This was my hope, and it's certainly playing out. The movie is out, and hundreds of thousands are seeing it. These reports indicate that it's time to get off the sidelines and get into the conversation.
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Is It Time to be Creative?

Some months ago I taught a message entitled, "Spiritual Graffiti" this article by Phil Cooke echoes my sentiments. This is an excellent article and I encourage you to take time to read it. Let me hear your thoughts by leaving a comment.
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Power of a Testimony

Your testimony has power - power to encourage or power to demoralize. A testimony solidifies and magnifies the work of God in your life. The more you tell it the more concrete it becomes in your own heart. The more you tell it the more you magnify what God has done and thereby encourage others - who hear your testimony - to believe God for themselves that what He did for you He will do for them as well. Go Tell it!
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Hello my name is church

Hello my name is church, I'm sure you've heard a lot about me. I have no shortage of critics. Perhaps you have heard that I am… Boring - Shallow - Cheap - A waste of time
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I say "non-Christian" because for many reasons, Christian culture looks down on them. They have not been considered traditional Christian behaviors. But one of the big reasons we're losing our voice in today's culture is that we don't understand and master these critical habits. Here's the list:
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Upcoming Events

April 18, 2014
RLC Men's meeting
Men's meeting April 18th at 7:00pm
April 19, 2014
Ladies in Love with God
Calling all ladies in Love with God: It's that time again - mark your calendars. Gona be some good Holy Ghost Ministry. The 3rd Sat. each month.
April 20, 2014
Word Explosion
Our weekly gathering takes place every Sunday @ 10:30 am.